Little Black Dress is the no compromises, must-have business program for every direct sales leader. Just like every woman needs a classy, versatile little black dress in her closet to dress up or down, she needs the same flexibility, style and confidence for her business!

Leading ladies, it’s time to take back your business, life and body . . . and to do it with style! You deserve to create the career of your dreams, without compromising your family or well-being. Let direct sales expert, wellness coach and motivational speaker, Tracey Vlahos (aka The Lady V), show you how you can achieve harmony and have it all!



Create and identify what true, sustainable success looks and feels like for you and your family!

Worksheets + Activities

  1. What’s Your Why?
  2. Circle of Life
  3. Time Blocking

Video from Tracey

Wellness Bonus
What’s zapping your energy and keeping you from releasing weight?
Including 7-Day Sugar Journal + Sneaky Sugar Aliases


Define your leadership style, and learn how to leverage it to keep your team motivated and engaged!

Worksheets + Activities

  1. DISC Assessment
  2. DISC Style
  3. Four Corners of Leadership

Video from Tracey

Wellness Bonus
Which calories turn on your fat burning switch?
Including Lateral Change Worksheet


Get into a leader’s mindset and attitude before communicating, in order to maximize your message!

Worksheets + Activities

  1. Avoiding Miscommunication
  2. Guiding Perception
  3. Holding Meetings

Video from Tracey

Wellness Bonus
Are you riding the food mood rollercoaster?
including Breakfast Recipes + Food Feel Log + Hydration Boosters


Use and repeat my six steps to effectively amplify your business with less stress!

Worksheets + Activities

  1. Business Fundamentals
  2. Scripting Success
  3. Being an Overcomer

Video from Tracey

Wellness Bonus
What are the best ways to make quick, quality meals?
including Meal Planning Worksheet


Effectively identify and coach the right team members, while avoiding vampire time suckers!

Worksheets + Activities

  1. Coaching Cues
  2. Coaching Cycle
  3. Coaching Worksheet

Video from Tracey

Wellness Bonus
How can you prepare healthy, on-the-go snacks that satisfy?
Including Tracey’s Secret Snack List


Recognize, incentivize and support growth behaviors within your team without giving everything away!

Worksheets + Activities

  1. Identifying Growth Behaviors
  2. How To Build Incentives
  3. Winning Incentive Formula

Video from Tracey

Wellness Bonus
What do you do and how do you prepare for when life happens?
Including Good Habits + Bad Habits


How to achieve harmony and have it all in business and life!

Worksheets + Activities

  1. Language of No
  2. Art of Renegotiation
  3. Circle of Life Revisited

Video from Tracey

Wellness Bonus
Why does Tracey recommend getting support to reach your body shaping goals?
Including Setting Your Intentions

The revolutionary Little Black Dress leadership business system teaches you how to establish a strong, stylish foundation for your business and team, that can be duplicated for exponential success over and over again! Best of all, it does it holistically, so that you run your business and it no longer runs you.

Designed for both seasoned leaders and new leaders—anyone who feels:

  • Overwhelmed and can never seem to catch up
  • Unable to take on one more thing but wants to grow
  • Tired of spending time on the wrong time-sucking activities
  • A need to slow down and speed up at the same time
  • Ready for strategic guidance on how to create success
  • Unclear where to focus attention and invest time
  • Eager but uncertain how to build sustainable growth
  1. Proven solutions to common pain points faced by direct sales leaders
  2. How to properly schedule and prioritize tasks and team member needs
  3. Game-changing growth behaviors that help you learn and earn more
  4. Focused time and mentorship from a nationally recognized direct sales expert
  5. Outstanding pre-sale opportunity and value, both business and life
  6. Exclusive access to The Lady V, who does not offer 1-on-1 coaching
  1. Powerful step-by-step business coursework
  2. Insightful worksheets and learning activities
  3. Videos + exclusive transcripts
  4. Private Facebook group access to Tracey
  5. Motivational surprises to uplift and inspire you

Tracey wants to empower you to make real, lasting change in 2016. For joining the Little Black Dress Program, she is throwing in her Victorious Wellness mini course (a $250 value)! It includes weekly tips and life-enhancing wellness homework to help you learn how to take care of yourself, so that you have the energy you need. All of this while managing stress, getting better sleep and even releasing weight!







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