This is it! The final part of this customer service series!

Outstanding Service — Let’s Do this!!

How to Give Outstanding Service:

  • Follow-up with her 3 days after purchases ship.
    Ask her how she likes her products, offer support for any exchanges/returns. Keep her excited!
  • Consider another follow-up 2 weeks later to continue building the relationship and stay in her top of mind.
    Ask how she is, follow up on something personal, and share special offers, Customer specials, etc. to help her make her next purchase or book a party.
  • Use email to share monthly Customer specials
  • Use social media to stay connected and celebrate life with her
  • Exceed hostess expectations – explain what she can do to help throw a successful party
  • Managing customer expectations – tell her what to expect
  • Seasonal calls, texts, Facebook messages or emails for best customers

Instead of trying to do it all today, I invite you to pause here for a moment.

Take a deep breath – and think of one thing – ONLY ONE! – that you can implement in your personal business today. 

  • Maybe it’s following-up with every customer
  • Maybe you’ll update your email signature to include easy links and contact info.
  • Maybe you’ll make a personal, non-business related contact to strengthen a customer relationship.
  • Whatever stood out to you as something you’d like to do right away!

Now, think of one thing – ONLY ONE! – that you can share with your success line today to help them keep serving their hostesses and customers at top of mind.

  • Maybe you can share a story of how you went the extra mile for a customer.
  • Maybe you can show them a new way to show up on social media to build relationships and move from selling to celebrating.
  • Whatever you think would benefit your team most as they strengthen their businesses through customer service.
  • Remember, you are a role model for your team – they will follow your lead! Share and learn together as you go.


YOU got this…business is a process & we can’t forget the basics. I want you to go and use this for your team!


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