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If you haven’t already GO and read the first part of this Mini Series Part 1 Customer Service

Now let’s get into this next part…


Be a proactive problem-solver!

  • You don’t have “products to peddle” — show up with solutions to her biggest  problems.
  • Showcase the benefits of Your products instead of the features.
  • Share your personal experience with products and come alongside her as she tries new products out.
  • Ask for her feedback – and look for opportunities to celebrate her and make her feel special.


Exceeding Expectations – you already have a great product to sell. But she is buying more than product – she is buying the relationship with you!

  • You’re her “IN” to the world of Your company. You keep her up to speed on what’s new, special offers, and the latest trends. Reach out regularly, using the contact method she prefers (call/text/email/Facebook)
  • You’re always at her fingertips – via text, social media or your consultant website. Make your email signature easy to connect with.
    SHOW: 1. Email with no sig; 2. Email with name, title, contact info, store URLs and branded email sig (Use slide of Cat’s ideal example) 
  • You’re the first person she calls if something goes wrong – and she expects you to make it right and have a great attitude in the process.
    Setting Expectations – While it’s important to exceed her expectations every time, it’s also important to set a few of your own to help her succeed. Coaching your hostess and letting her know exactly what to expect is part of offering great service.
  • Party qualifications – tell her exactly how much she needs to bring in to enjoy the discounts and benefits that go along with hosting a party. This ensures a great party for you, and more hostess benefits for her!
  • Up/Cross-selling – customers aren’t always aware of the benefits that come along with our collections, sets and monthly customer Kudos. As you get to know her and learn more about her needs and interests, you can better recommend products that will enhance her experience.

Follow-up – It’s true what they say – “the fortune is in the

follow-up!” Let your customers know what to expect from you after they make a purchase and be sure to follow through.
SAY: “Thank you so much for your purchase! I’ll give you a call in about 3 weeks to see how you’re loving your new products.”


NOW! I want you to go and follow up this weekend with those customers you love so much.

See you on Monday


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