Hello Lovey Ladies!

Let’s chat customer service…

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have – you can be a service rock star!

Here’s the key: It’s MUCH easier to offer service than to offer sales! When you show up to build the relationship, you’ll do more than make another sale – you’ll earn a loyal customer!

We’re going to walk through some ideas to incorporate outstanding service into your personal business and into your team standards.

YOU are the reason our customers keep coming back for lips, lashes and other amazing beauty solutions – especially when you blow them away with outstanding service.

We’re going to discuss three primary Service ideas:

  1. Relationships: Build relationships and establish rapport and trust.

Mindset: Be proactive and handle any issues with a creative

  1. problem-solver mindset.
  2. Expectations: Go beyond meeting her expectations – to exceeding them.

Relationships — 

Establishing Rapport + Trust – nothing builds brand loyalty like a face to go with it.

She may not remember what you say, or which products she purchased – but she will always remember how you make her FEEL.

  • Be a friend. Don’t make every interaction about sales and product – get to know her and offer solutions as they come up naturally.
  • Stay connected. Comment on her latest Facebook profile picture. Send a personal note or text to see how she’s doing. Offer a girl’s night – hosting a party with her girlfriends! Don’t just sell — celebrate life with her!
  • Follow-up – Check in with every customer after the sale! 3 days after her products ship, reach out to  see if she has any feedback or questions about application. Following up in this way leads to increased sales without even having to push – and it can also give her a chance to reach back out to you! Let her know what to expect.
    SAY: I’m so thrilled you like your products – and I’d love to share them with your mom and sister, too! When can we book you another party to keep those benefits coming?”
    “I know things are crazy right now getting ready for your sister’s wedding – SO FUN! Is it ok if I check back with you in two weeks? Oh, and feel free to text me if you need any last minute bridal party gifts!”
  • Help her. Is her order wrong? Call the home office for her. Did she order the wrong product or shade? Help her exchange it. Prove to her that you’re the one to call – make it easy.
  • Invite her to join your team. There is no greater gift of service than sharing the amazing career opportunity with customers. It really is the best product offering we have!


Oh, it’s so exciting! I cannot wait to share the next part of this customer service breakdown for you!

Share with me your ideas & how using these tips work for you


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