By now you might know I’m pretty keen on Quinoa. So how do you pronounce the name of this popular grain? Keen-wha. Easy, right?

This incredible, gluten-free grain has more protein than brown rice AND cooks the fastest of all grains. The best part is, quinoa is so versatile you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Heck, throw in dessert because quinoa can be mixed with fruits, nuts and cinnamon for a sweet treat.

Go ahead, cook this baby in bulk and mix it with a soy or nut milk for breakfast, then toss it with your favorite veggies for dinner.

If your looking for energy, you’ll find it right here. No matter what you do with quinoa you’ll be feeding your body the vitamins and protein you need while filling up on a healthy, delicious meal.

Hop over to my Periscope broadcast tonight @Tracey LadyV where I’ll talk more about the benefits and uses of quinoa, then visit my Pinterest boards for recipes for morning, noon and night!

If you miss this or any of my other broadcasts you can watch replays right here!


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