The chocolates, candy and all the specialty desserts that tempt us around the most romantic day of the year have made their appearance in stores across the country. It’s not easy to walk down the aisles and avoid sneaking a box of candy conversation hearts or a peanut butter filled chocolate. I’m just as guilty of this as anyone.

But why are we so tempted by this? Because sugar is addictive. In fact it rivals the addictive nature of drugs such as cocaine, cigarettes and morphine.

Sugar is known to weaken the immune system, affect the chemicals in your brain and even feed cancer. Doesn’t sound so tempting now, does it?

Here are a few ways you can get out of this sweet substance’s seductive spell:

  • Eat protein-rich foods like meat, nuts and beans for a steady source of energy.
  • Add coconut oil or grass-fed butter to your diet. Both help to beat back cravings.
  • Include Omega-3s like flax, flaxseed oil and walnuts in your diet. A deficiency of Omega-3s causes sweet foods to taste less sweet and increase your craving for them.
  • Dehydration triggers sugar cravings. Drink 12 ounces of water when your next craving hits.
  • Eating sugar releases serotonin, but so does moving your body. When a craving hits, go for a walk outside.

But who are we kidding? When that big day of love comes around and someone wants to pamper us with chocolate dipped strawberries and pedis we’re not going to say no. And that’s OK! It’s all about setting limits and learning control. Not depriving yourself of the things you love.

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